Gina has a long legacy in the financial industry and home ownership, she was born and raised in Thunder Bay and knows the city well. Gina has worked in the financial industry for over 25 years, starting at CIBC. She began working with Dominion Lending Centres in 2006. Her goal is to help her clients improve their lifestyle by enjoying home ownership while also giving them the security of knowing they are getting into something they can afford.
As long as Gina can remember she has had a strong interest in Real Estate, she purchased her first home at the age of 19 with an interest rate of 8.75%. Her first home was the stepping stone to building her family. As time passed their family renovated 2 homes, built a home, and held multiple rental properties. Gina has a strong passion for improving lifestyle and creating a happy home environment through design and financial peace of mind. In 2015 she pursed this passion further by obtaining her Interior Decorating Diploma.
Gina enjoys spending time with her family and dog as well as travelling (mainly to warm destinations) and learning about different cultures and lifestyles.