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7 Mar

Mortgage Advisor and Interior Designer: How my dual services can give added value in the sale of your home


Posted by: Gina Winters

When selling your home, here are 2 important things to consider:

  1. Your mortgage finances – Interest rate’s, fees, and penalties

When making a change in real estate with a current mortgage, staying with your bank doesn’t mean that you don’t accrue penalties, fees, or receive better rates. From my experience working with clients, many are misinformed of how this process works. Initially, they’re lead to believe that there are no costs incurred if they keep their mortgage with the same lender or bank. But, they later find out that in fact penalties apply to pay out or transfer their mortgage to a new property, along with new CMHC premiums. There are many variables to consider when selling a home while holding an existing mortgage, which are often the last thing a homeowner reviews.  If you’re concerned with saving money, get a second opinion to review these details so there are no surprises. Don’t take the risk of making assumptions or not asking questions by learning from other homeowners’ experiences – including my own.

  1. Your selling price – How to get the best price for your home

Staging your home will elicit the best price, as buyers perceive higher value in the home when they see it at its best. This important marketing tool allows you to list your home at a competitive price, which means selling your home faster. As selling your home can be emotional, hiring a professional can help you to separate emotions from the task at hand for better decision making. Keeping focused on the goal to get the best listing price is key to achieving this.

For a complimentary review as to how I can assist with the processes of reviewing your mortgage and staging your home, please contact me today.